Special Education

The Special Education Division, part of the Department of Administration, is responsible for implementing and maintaining age 3-21 Special Education programs and services throughout Calumet County. Our office serves as a resource to school personnel, parents, and the Calumet County Children with Disabilities Education Board. 

In addition, our office provides:

  • Leadership, relevant information, professional learning, and technical assistance to Calumet County School Districts in the areas of Special Education law and effective practice consistent with the focus and priorities of the Wisconsin Department of Instruction and aligned to district needs.
  • Instructional leadership, coaching, and implementation support in the areas of continuous improvement outcomes for students with disabilities and students in need of support services (mental health, behavioral health, socio-emotional learning, etc.).
  • Assistance to five Calumet County school districts in the development of local policies and procedures related to special education.
  • Direct assistance to school districts in special education and student services program planning, development, and evaluation.
  • Professional learning opportunities and related services for regional special education and pupil services personnel upon identified needs.
  • Assistance to districts with recruitment, hiring, and orientation of special education teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff.