Project Safe Response

Project Safe Response is a free service that provides first responders with information to assist in responding to wandering or crisis calls involving community members with dementia, autism, or other cognitive impairments that may cause them to wander or have communication barriers.

The project is offered to county residents who live alone or with their family, as a collaboration between Calumet County’s Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) and the local Law Enforcement Agencies.

Who will Calumet County Project Safe Response Help?

Sometimes people with cognitive impairments caused by a diagnosis such as autism in a young person or dementia in an older person exhibit concerning behaviors, such as wandering, that make it difficult for their caregiver to safely support them. A person may unexpectedly leave home because they are looking for something, trying to escape something, or are just confused.

A person who has always taken a safe walk around the block may suddenly turn in a different direction for no apparent reason. A room may become unfamiliar, and the person walks outdoors instead of into the next room. Daytime and nighttime can become confusing, so the person unexpectedly goes out in the dark when the family is not aware. If someone may be driving, they may become confused on the road and get lost.

These situations may never happen but if it should, you are reassured that your loved one is on the Project Safe Response registry.  

Project Safe Response ensures that Law Enforcement is equipped with critical insight into the person’s condition and can approach these situations with empathy, understanding, and a tailored approach.

How does the Calumet County Project Safe Response Registry Work?

A completed registration form and picture of the Calumet County resident will be kept on a confidential system.

If someone is in crisis or found wandering, Law Enforcement has the ability to access the Project Safe Response registry listing to review the picture and related information. If a match is found, the police will immediately call the contacts listed on the form.

Law Enforcement can also use this information to issue statewide Amber Alerts (for autistic children) or Silver Alerts (for persons 60+ with dementia).

How to Enroll Someone in Project Safe Response

Complete the information sheet and attach a current picture of the person at risk. CLICK HERE for the online form. Printed copies of the form are available at the ADRC Office.

 ADRC staff will review the form and will reach out to you to confirm program registration. If the person moves, has a change in appearance, or contact information changes, please notify the ADRC of changes.

If you would like more assistance completing the registry form, or in obtaining a current photograph, please call the ADRC at (920) 849-1451.

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