Housing Program

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Calumet County has two housing programs. The first is administered by the Appleton Housing Authority, the second is through Brown County.

First Time Homebuyer Program Eligibility

Applicants must be income-eligible to qualify for homebuyer services and to get financial assistance through the Calumet County Homebuyer Program which is administered by the Appleton Housing Authority. County Median Income (CMI) for Calumet County based on family size determines income eligibility. The household’s gross income cannot exceed 80% of CMI.


Applicants must be willing to commit to completing the program requirements including: completion of a homebuyer program application and any related forms needed to document eligibility; participation in 8 to 10 hours of homebuyer classes and individual counseling; participation in financial counseling; preparing a spending/savings plan; and contribute a minimum of $1000 of personal funds to go towards the home they want to purchase.

Participants must be willing to work with the homebuyer program administrator to become prequalified for first mortgage financing through one of the Calumet County Homebuyer Program lender partners. Homebuyer classes are held monthly in Appleton. Successful completion of the homebuyer process is required in order to access financial assistance for down payment/closing costs and rehabilitation funds used to upgrade properties purchased in conjunction with the program. Classes are offered to program participants at a cost of $25 per household. Guests of participants are welcome to attend.

Homes purchased by participants must be located in Calumet County. Homes will be inspected by the homebuyer program administrator to ensure that the property meets program guidelines and/or that they can be appropriately rehabilitated so as to meet Housing and Urban Development (HUD’s) minimum housing quality standards (HQS) for health and safety when rehabilitation has been completed. A third party home inspection (by a state registered inspector) is required on each property before closing. Additional inspections may be required based on features in and the condition (fireplace, foundations, and sanitary sewer, etc) of the home the buyer wants to purchase. Funds for rehabilitation are available through the Calumet Homebuyer Program or partnering organizations.

For an application and/or more information contact Aaron Hilbert, Interim Homebuyer Program Manager, at (920) 739-6811 Ext. 106 or email Aaron Hilbert.


NE WI Regional CDBG Housing Program

Phone: (920) 448-6480
Fax: (920) 448-4487
Todd D Mead, Senior Planner - Brown County

The Brown County Planning and Land Services Department will be administering the State of Wisconsin Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)–Housing program for the Northeastern Wisconsin region, which includes Calumet County. There is approximately $1.75 million in funding available across the region.

In general, CDBG-Housing Program funding options may include:

  • Zero-percent deferred payment housing rehabilitation loans to low- and moderate-income (LMI) owner-occupied households. Projects could include such actions as replacement of private on-site wastewater treatment systems or wells, new electrical or plumbing systems, lead paint or asbestos abatement, roof replacement, or any other rehabilitation deemed necessary to meet housing quality standard (HQS) inspection. This will be the primary point of emphasis for the program.
  • Zero-percent 5-year pay-back installment housing rehabilitation loans to owners of LMI renter-occupied units.
  • Zero-percent deferred loans to low- and moderate-income (LMI) for down payment assistance.

Accessibility improvements such as wheelchair ramps and wider doorways for LMI households.

For more information about this program, visit the Brown County website or email Todd Mead, Brown County Senior Planner or email Shelly Ness, at 920-448-6480.

Be advised the CDBG-Housing Program and funding is different from the Calumet County Homebuyer Program.