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The Calumet County Youth in Governance Program’s (YIG) goal is to get young people excited and engaged in county government! To meet this goal, youth are invited to join Calumet County committees and bring their voices to the table. By doing this, youth will get to develop valuable life skills such as leadership, communication, and networking skills, as well as grow in their knowledge of county government. This will foster the development of the next generation of youth leaders in Calumet County.

Program Structure

Each Calumet County youth representative will be appointed to a committee for one-year terms from May through May. Each youth will be paired with a Supervisor-mentor and/or a Calumet County staff member. YIG mentors will aid the youth in learning about county government and how to participate in it. Committee meetings are held in a professional, formal manner, based on Robert’s Rules of Order. Each youth member will have a non-binding advisory vote in their committees.

In addition to attending committee meetings, youth representatives will attend YIG meetings where the youth representatives have time to connect with other youth representatives and YGP education meetings, which offer a forum for fostering relationships with fellow youth representatives, expanding knowledge, and developing civic involvement, youth leadership, and other critical professional competencies.

Program Expectations

The requirements to participate in Youth in Governance are:

  • Youth entering the program must be in high school when applying and during their term. 
  • Youth must be a Calumet County resident.
  • Must be able to attend the committee meetings, typically occurring once or twice a month and one County Board meeting.
  • Stay up to date on committee business and read necessary material in advance in order to stay engaged in committee meetings.
  • If a meeting will be missed, notify mentor, committee chair, & YGP facilitator. No more than 3 absences without notice.
  • Youth must attend orientation held in April. 
  • Youth members will not be paid a stipend or mileage for attending meetings.

Application Process

Applicants must send in completed applications by the deadline. The application consists of brief answers regarding the applicant's desired goals for the Youth In Governance program and how it will advance their civic consciousness and leadership abilities, along with basic contact information and school information. 

Participant Materials

Outreach Materials

Committee Information

  • To Be Determined