Law Enforcement Division

Amer and Alek by squad

The Law Enforcement (LE) Division is made up of 26 patrol deputies that perform a wide range of duties throughout Calumet County's 324 square miles. Our primary function is to prevent crime and respond to calls for service within the area. Deputies also work contracted patrols for municipalities such as the Villages of Harrison, Sherwood, Stockbridge, and Hilbert, and the Town of Woodville.

In addition, two of our deputies are assigned to the school districts of Chilton, Hilbert, Stockbridge and Kimberly, acting as their School Resource Officers.

Other areas of service provided to our citizens include boat patrol, snowmobile patrol, and neighborhood watch.

Several of our deputies have been selected and trained in specialized areas such as evidence technicians, SWAT team members, drug task force members, K-9 officers, and Unmanned Arial Vehicle Program (Drone) team members.  

The Sheriff's Office leads several teams, such as the countywide drug task force, countywide SWAT team, and in providing specialized training for crime scene evidence technicians. Our goal is to utilize area resources, including the other municipal police departments, to provide highly trained officers to perform these critical tasks in an economical way.

Investigations Division

The Sheriff's Office has three regular investigators, in addition to a special Investigator assigned to the Lake Winnebago Area Metropolitan Enforcement Group focusing on drug Investigations. All of our investigators are highly trained in all aspects of criminal investigations ranging from sexual assault to homicide. Our investigators are also made available to any municipal police department in the county to assist them with criminal investigations.